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Organic Chemistry Department is one of the oldest in Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, it was founded in 1891. The first Head of the Department (1891-1934) was Prof. Reformatsky, a well-known organic chemist. Many prominent scientists have worked at the Department since then; see Personalised History.

Organic Chemistry Department is a leading Department at the Faculty of Chemistry of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. The professors (full, associate, or assistant) teach general courses: organic chemistry, physical methods in chemistry, general stereochemistry, and modern medicines, as well as many specialized courses for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. students in chemistry. There are two specializations at the Department: "Organic Chemistry" and "Chemistry of Natural Products". The main specialized subjects are organic reaction mechanisms, asymmetric synthesis, various aspects of medicinal chemistry, advanced spectroscopic methods, advanced synthetic methods, physical methods in the study of natural products, the chemistry of peptides and proteins, bioorganic chemistry, the chemistry of nucleic acids, supramolecular chemistry, nanochemistry and nanotechnology, organic stereochemistry and chemistry of sugars and others. The content of the subjects and the subjects themselves change yearly according to the latest achievements in science. Scientific seminars and practice constitute a considerable part of the teaching program.

The scientific research is traditionally done in the area of nitrogen-, sulfur-, and oxygen-containing heterocyclic compounds. Relatively new directions of the research are the design and synthesis of building blocks for medicinal chemistry, including non-natural amino acids and peptidomimetics, sp3-enriched organofluorine, -sulfur, -boron functionalized compounds; the design and synthesis of fluorescent probes; synthesis and properties of terpenoids, their derivatives and analogs. Students of the Department actively participate in the research; this is a crucial part of the teaching process. At the end of the study at the Department, the students present the scientific results obtained by them under the supervision of the professors or Ph.D. students.

The professors and researchers of the Department collaborate with leading scientific centers and private research companies in Ukraine and abroad (USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, etc.). In particular, Organic Chemistry Department collaborates closely with ChemBioCenter a scientific division of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University that performs first-class research in organic and medicinal chemistry. Professors of the Chemistry Department are the authors of many textbooks for universities and high schools.